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Here’s where we supply programs or applications that help broaden your home schooling experience. Use these to supplement the curriculum or update your computer for virtual classroom compatibility.



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  • Re: new to homeschooling and looking for support group

    am starting to home-school my daughter this fall. She is going into 5th grade. I am located in Calvert County, Maryland and I am looking to join a support group. Thanks in advanced. Have a great holiday weekend. Michelle
    Posted to Family to Family (Forum) by ranaraza on 04-24-2015
  • Change Your Life With E-Learning!

    There are many individuals who could never make to earning a degree. There are numerous who know they can never earn a degree. There are many who due to certain circumstances lost all the hopes of getting their education completed. Then there are those who don’t have time of attending schools or colleges because of their huge responsibility of fulfilling...
    Posted to Family to Family (Forum) by TenaC on 04-20-2015